5 HBCU Authors You Should Know About

5 HBCU Authors You Should Know About

Being an author has been the highlight of my life. I take much pride in the fact that I wrote a book while in school. When people hear of this achievement, they often question how it was possible. One thing I always inform people of is that there are many scholars particularly in the HBCU space that have written books while in school. I feel like it is important for us to support each other and raise awareness about young black men writing books. There are so many negative narratives about black men in media that it’s remarkable when we can write our stories and tales. Below are five other young men that have written impressive bodies of work. Next time you’re looking to read a new book I hope you pick up the books below all of which are available on Amazon.com

Wynton Borders, Morehouse College’

Inner Thoughts of A Young Black Male: Love, Life, Poverty, and Love 

Inner Thoughts of A Young Black Male is a collection of poems and short stories created by Wynton Borders. Holding on to a dream, faith, and hope Border’s writings contain an inspiring message and include a range of topics from love, religion, social class, and race.

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Brandon Porter II, Morehouse College

If Obama Had A Son

Obama Had a Son is an inspirational, nonfiction book written from the perspective of an intuitive nineteen-year-old college student. The title of the book was inspired by a riddle: What is the one thing the most powerful man in the world wishes he had; but if he had, he would have never been the most powerful man in the world? The book makes a strong implication about America’s feelings toward its sons. It also raises thoughts and questions concerning the value of procreation as it relates to the advancing of society. It attempts to examine the significance of sonship in its most general sense using a historical/political apparatus, and it includes the author’s perspective on some of the most recent disturbing social events in our nation. This book further reveals and mentions amazing historical facts about some of our nation’s lost sons and lost legacies that were in many cases removed from becoming possible political threats. It also reveals character flaws in some questionable practices of our nation, which are birthed through fear, hatred, and greed.

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Jaylon Moore, Jackson State University

College Daze

College Daze is a religious self-help book geared towards millennials and college students who have a strong desire to stay grounded in Christ. During his time at Jackson State University Moore has been very vocal about his passion for the ministry and using his life to inspire others. This book comes from a genuine, authentic place and will resonate with many.

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Jared Sawyer, Morehouse College

Walking in Victory: 4 Power Tips to Help You Reach Your Potential in God

In Walking in Victory, Jared Sawyer Jr. shares four power tips that can help you to reach your potential through God and achieve new levels of success in your life. You are created to be victorious. Get these four principles deep down on the inside and boldly enter the realms of life with victory. Embrace your spirituality and, with this guide from Jared Sawyer Jr., dare to pursue victory in life’s circumstances.

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Joty Allison, Morehouse College


Strengthen My Sight: Escaping Your Own Prison

In this inspiring book, your life will be transformed as you discover what your purpose is and how to stay focused on it until you recover everything that belongs to you. It does not matter about what your social economic status, sexual orientation, or your race might be; God still has a purpose for your life. The power that is within you must be revealed because generations of people are waiting for you to come alive and live out the essence that the creator had intended for you. The best days of your life will start the moment you place a demand on your life and make a conscious decision not to merely exist, but to exist on purpose!

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All of the descriptions above were collected from the Amazon pages of each book.