6 Must-Have Apps To Improve Your Efficiency

6 Must-Have Apps To Improve Your Efficiency

We all can agree that our cell phones are our lives. So many of my friends use their smartphones as their calendar, alarm clock, and even their reminder. Smartphones have the capacity to do so much and make our lives much easier. In this thriving world, it is a must that we all equip our phones with the best apps to make our lives more efficient. I’d like to tell you about six apps that I am obsessed with that have improved the quality of my life.

Here are six must-have apps for you that you’ll want to download if you’re looking to become a little bit more efficient.

1.Square Cash

Square Cash or Cash App as some call it is an essential, that I believe everyone should have on their phones. Cash App allows you to pay your friends instantly, and cash out to your bank for FREE! Standard deposits show up the very next business day or sometimes even immediately. You can even spend directly from the app with a built-in Visa virtual card number. This app is ideal for exchanging currency between friends and family and is very useful. It is a FREE app available on Android and iPhone app stores.


Reading is one of my favorite things to do. I love buying and reading new books. Unfortunately, carrying all of those books can sometimes be overwhelming and utterly impossible. One app that I use to help me read more books is the app, Scribd. Scribd is a mobile app that gives you access to everything worth reading. The app consists of a reading library of all of the best magazines, audiobooks, and ebooks. It’s like the Netflix of books. You can sync your Scribd account on all of your devices. The Scribd app is free to download but has a monthly subscription for $8.99. This $8.99 gives you access to hundreds of reading materials that make reading fun and easy to do.


3. Google

One of my favorite apps that I often take for granted is the Google App. The Google app keeps you in the know about the things you search and care about. It is also a great tool that I use to find quick answers, explore your interests, and get a feed of updates. When I’m in need of a quick answer, it is a lot to pull out my phone, go to a web browser such as Safari or Chrome, go to Google.com, then search. With the launch of one app, I can search anything I want quickly and efficiently.

4. Yelp

I do a lot of traveling, and I’m always looking for new restaurants to try and attractions to see. The Yelp app is a great tool for anyone who does a lot of traveling. The free Yelp mobile app is the fastest and easiest way to search for businesses near you with customer reviews. It has the capability to help you find what happy hours are near you and even provides restaurant menus for a lot of restaurants. With this app you will never worry about what hours a business is open and if they are a good fit for you or not. The Yelp app is dependable, simple to use and a must have for anyone.

5. Google Maps

Sure, of course, you have the official iPhone “Maps” application. But if you want an app that fully delivers, and will help you get around, add Google Maps to your list. The Google Maps does a far better job of providing up to date directions to get you to your next destination. The app provides walking directions as well as cycling, transit and taxi options. Using this app to get around will make your commutes more enjoyable and efficient.

6. Headspace

We are often so busy that we never have time to sit down and collect our thoughts. I argue that you can’t truly be effective unless you are first, mindful. An app that has helped me with this is the app, Headspace. Headspace is a mobile app that makes meditation and mindfulness easy to do. The app features different themed meditation practices that are tailored to any situation such as; morning meditations, meditations for anxiety and meditations tracks for working out. The Headspace app is free but includes subscriptions for those to purchase to get the full packs of meditation kits. Headspace offers two auto-renewing subscription options:
$12.99 per month
$94.99 per year
This app is a must-have for those who want to up their mediation game and become more mindful.