The Story of Why Chris Published A Book

Dealing With This Called Life

As a doer of good, student of the human experience, and advocate of going after what you want, Chris Sumlin offers a self-help memoir to aid others in dealing with this thing called life. Over the years, Chris has made an impact on all he has encountered by sharing his successes and story.

In this authentic, autobiographical self-help book, Chris draws on his experiences and how they have helped him become the man he is today. Chris discusses him meeting, Kim Kardashian West, going off to Morehouse College, and his countless failures with the intention of inspiring his readers.

The book consists of:
12 Stories.
12 Lessons.
12 Affirmations.
With 1 Goal of helping people deal with life.

Chris hopes that his short and hearty book will be one that is read by young adults from all walks of life. The vernacular in this book is one that is relatable and fun.

Dealing With This Thing Called Life, is a body of work that will captivate and impact the lives of all its readers. The heart, sincerity and inspiration in this book are the kind that will keep its readers ruminating over these stories for years to come.

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