Five Products I Highly Recommend

Five Products I Highly Recommend

These products below haven’t failed me yet. Check out the five things I’m currently obsessed with and recommend.

Essentia Water  – (pack of 12 $12.45) 

I’m the last person that wants to drink water on the regular. Growing up, The Sumlin Household was a Pepsi household. As a young adult, I find myself struggling to beat those habits of drinking 32 oz Pepsi’s every chance I get. One solution to my beverage purchases is Essentia Water. Essentia is the best water that I have ever bought. The taste is fresh, light and pure. I can drink this water either at room temperature or chilled, and it satisfies either way.

Essentia Water has a proprietary ionization process that removes acidic ions making it smoother than most waters on the market. This drinking water is one you have to taste to believe. Once you start drinking Essentia water, you won’t want anything else.

To find Essentia Water near you, click Here.

SheaMoisture African Black Soap Problem Skin Facial Mask – $11.97

I’ve always struggled with my skin. Some days it’s too oily other days too dry. It has been a personal struggle of mine for the longest. I’ve tried everything from Murad, to Proactive to Aveeno. Of all the facial regimens I have tried, SheaMoisture’s facial products have worked the best.

SheaMoisture’s African Black Soap Problem Facial Mask profoundly cleanses my face as it absorbs excess oil to help my skin feel refined and fresh. This product helps with breakouts and helps your skin feel soft. The ingredients in the mask include Vitamins C & E, Tea Tree Oil, and African Black soap. For anyone struggling with clear skin, I highly recommend this facial mask.

To order the African Black Soap Problem Skin Facial Mask, click HERE.

Ralph Lauren Boxers – (pack of 3) $27.99

When Lil Wayne rapped, “I’m a blunt blowin Polo Draws showin…[kind of brother]” back in 2011, I should have known then that Ralph Lauren Polo Boxers were a winner. Unfortunately, I’m just now getting hip, and now they are all I wear. Polo Boxers are soft, 100% cotton and comfortable. The days of Fruit of the Loom and Hanes have passed away. For anyone looking to up their underwear game, I highly recommend these boxers. The ladies will thank you for it too.

To order a pair of Ralph Lauren Boxers click here:

Bolthouse Farm Smoothies – prices vary

In the morning’s when I’m in a rush to grab breakfast I have to have a Bolthouse Farm Smoothie. The smoothies are packed with three and three-fourths servings of fruit per bottle. They are Gluten Free, No Preservatives Added and delicious. The richness of the smoothies, packaged with tasty goodness is a win-win. I buy them from the market near my house, and they are affordable. These smoothies are healthier than most because they possess less sugar but are very good. My two favorite flavors are Blue Goodness and Berry boost.

To learn more about Bolthouse Farms click, HERE

XB50BS EXTRA BASS™ Wireless Sports In-ear Headphones – $79.99

I’ve bought my share of headphones in life. From Beats by Dre, to Apple Earbuds to Monster I have tried lots of headphones. One of the best audio devices I have purchased are the XB50BS EXTRA BASS™ Wireless Sports In-ear Headphones. During my two mile walks to campus, I want to feel the bass and not have to worry about charging my earphones every minute. These in-ear headphones grant me that luxury. They have a clean design, a healthy 8.5-hour battery life and they are splash-proof. If you want to listen to Beyonce and feel like you’re at the Formation World Tour, I would highly recommend these in-ear headphones.

To purchase a pair of the XB50BS EXTRA BASS™ Wireless Sports In-ear Headphones, click HERE

What products are you currently using? Is there a product I should add to the list? Let me know so I can feature it next time. I hope you enjoyed my list. If you did share on Facebook, Twitter it to a friend or e-mail it to a colleague.